The Spirits

“So, what movie are we gonna watch when we get back?” asks Maya as she walks down the dark New Orleans streets with her two best friends.
“I don’t know, maybe Ghostbusters,” replies Heather.
“Isn’t that the movie about the cartoon ghost?” answered Daniel. “That’s lame.”
Heather rolls her eyes and says, “Wrong movie, you big dummy.”
“Calm down, Heather, I don’t watch movies all day like you do,” says Daniel jokingly.


It was the best month of the year, Pride Month or June, and my friends and I wanted to show the school our pride. We brought our rainbow flags, painted our faces with our different pride colors in a slash, and headed off to our school, Eastwood Middle School. One of my best friends, Scarlet, was walking with me into the gate while talking. Scarlet was tall, had brown hair, tan skin, and pretty brown eyes. I opened my backpack and showed her the hundreds of pride flags I had in it.

A Regular Day

“Bye Grandma,” I said as I walked outside to the front porch, on my way to the bus stop. I got off the bus and hid my face, so Mila’s girl group wouldn’t notice me. They had always picked on me for “not being loved” according to them, but I know deep down that they were just jealous of my wealth. I succeeded in going through them without being noticed.

Jonathan Aburey Undercover Detective

It was a dark and stormy night. The thunder cracked and the rain poured. I wasn’t expecting a job that night. Who would go out in that kind of weather? Sadly I was mistaken, for that night would be a long one. In all my career as a detective I never saw anything like what awaited me.